Author. Mentor. Advocate. Artist. 

Lover of food, compassionate communication and clear boundaries, I lean towards curating a fulfilling life with beautiful relationships. I am energized by human connection and can rarely slip away from a good conversation.
I lean towards heart-centered living and passionately share this with anyone open to the idea around me.





Children's Book Author to the world's first ever jiu-jitsu kids picture book with a second book on emotional jiu-jitsu coming summer 2019!

My first book, Kip and the Magical Belt, is the heartwarming journey of a young boy having difficulty at school. Lacking courage and the tools he needs to defend himself, he gets targeted by the school bully. Kip finds the help he needs in the most unexpected family heirloom, and with hard work and discipline, he builds his physical skills and confidence. Kip and the Magical Belt will leave you wondering if the magic is really in the belt or in yourself.

The next book is called Kalyn Finds Her Power and follows the emotional journey of a young girl learning to navigate the world of emotions and projections around her. Stay tuned! 

Bringing the core message to kids -- that they have the power within them to do what moves them as well as empowering them to defend themselves. 

My hope is that families use these books as a tool to discuss difficult topics while connecting with their children and building confidence. Double win.



Mama Mentor at

I help families transform their days from an endless cycle of drudgery to an opportunity to experience profound growth and transformation.

I work closely with parents and hear their struggles and help reflect the honesty they need to hear about the patterns and cycles they have found themselves in so they can seek to make the changes within themselves.

I am a guide, but the transformation comes from within as I empower parents to tune into their child’s needs as well as their own to shift their perspectives and habits into a life their want to lead. 



Women Empowered Instructor at Gracie University HQ

I lead classes of women on a mental, emotional and physical journey into facing their realities and fears. Supporting them into building a physical practice that helps one find self-love, boundary-setting capabilities and builds confidence that can transcribe into every aspect of life. 

Taking a trauma-informed stance, we’ve found huge success for anyone battling with or healing from trauma, who have challenges navigating toxic environments, and for anyone who lives in fear of the realities of daily life.



Professional dancer, model and actress.

I have been working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years in every avenue of performing, including commercials, music videos, awards shows, modeling, world tours, sideline dancing at professional sports events and live shows with major music artists including Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and latin artist Chayanne. I have also been featured and danced on television shows and feature films including Glee90210Show Me The MoneyIron Man 2Rush Hour 3, and even the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

With a deep passion for creating, I choreograph for high school dance teams having won nationals for choreography. Most recently, I helped bring the Marilyn! The New Musical to life as one of the choreographers on the creative team for the show at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. 



“Being healthy isn't just about what you're eating,
it's about what you're thinking and saying, even to yourself.”