A former professional dancer, Victoria learned often that life has bullies of all ages and sizes, but boundaries and being creative in how you handled them was most important. She is an advocate for emotional intelligence, compassionate communication, and self-empowerment. Her hope is that families use this book as a tool to discuss difficult topics like bullying and boundary setting. It is her dream to help others find their best selves by first believing in their own magic. Her books have been distributed to over 60 countries, entered thousands of homes and helped countless families open the conversation of standing up for yourself, physical and emotional jiu-jitsu and handling an otherwise helpless situation with a bully.

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Kalyn Finds Her Power is the story of a young girl who gets bullied and learns to identify and process the major emotions that result. Gently showing the complexities of our social-emotional world, Kalyn is encouraged to joke, get angry, and even detach completely from her emotions. In the end, with the help of her magical belt, Kalyn chooses to truly feel her emotions and learns to stand up for herself and find her voice. She realizes her inner power and strength to respond with what feels right for her and set a beautiful boundary.

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Kip and the Magical Belt


Kip and the Magical Belt is the heartwarming journey of a young boy having difficulty at school. Lacking courage and the tools he needs to defend himself, he gets targeted by the school bully. Kip finds the help he needs in the most unexpected family heirloom, and with hard work and discipline, he builds his physical skills and confidence. Kip and the Magical Belt will leave you wondering if the magic is really in the belt or in yourself.