Learning to


Helping you break out of the patterns you are dealing with daily. 



Mama Mentor and certified doula, I have a passion for helping families by offering support and guidance with modern and mindful parenting guidance. From the pregnancy, to birth, to early childhood, I work one-on-one with parents as well as facilitate family support groups. I firmly believe the best way to raise our children is to first raise ourselves. 



Victoria Gracie is the author of the world's first ever jiu-jitsu children's picture book, Kip and the Magical Belt, the heartwarming journey of a young boy having difficulty at school. Lacking courage and the tools he needs to defend himself, he gets targeted by the school bully. Kip finds the help he needs in the most unexpected family heirloom, and with hard work and discipline, he builds his physical skills and confidence. KIP and the Magical Belt will leave you wondering if the magic is really in the belt or in yourself. Victoria's passion in helping children and families have culminated in the curation of a confidence building book with references to applicable techniques that will change a child's life. 



I am honored to be one of the head Women Empowered instructors at the Gracie Academy in Beverly Hills and Torrance, California. I teach women self defense techniques, boundary building skills, and help build their confidence. The hardest part of getting women to try our self defense classes, is having them realize that they are worth defending.