One on One :


Mama Mentor and certified doula, Victoria has a passion for helping families by offering support and guidance with modern and mindful parenting guidance. She works one-on-one with parents as well as facilitates family support groups. It is her firm belief that the best way to raise our children is to first nurture ourselves to being the best versions of ourselves we can be. As Victoria says, “if we want to raise our children to their best potential, we have to begin by raising ourselves to our best.”


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 Gracie University: 


You are worth defending. 

As one of the head Women Empowered instructors at Gracie University HQ in Torrance, CA and Gracie Academy Beverly Hills, Victoria teaches women self defense techniques, boundary building skills, and helps to build their confidence.  The journey in the Women Empowered program begins with an introduction into the mindset that you are worth defending. It introduces you into verbal skills and a mentality of creating safe boundaries for yourself and your family. Most importantly, you will learn physical techniques that will have you equipped to defend yourself in any kind of altercation in the safest training environment. 


Join the Women Empowered program to enjoy the amazing bond of sisterhood while learning to be lethal.


At Home:


To help facilitate the building of reflexes and to get the maximum out of our physicality, we created a fitness program called FITjitsu! It’s a 40 minute intense workout based on the movements from the Women Empowered program. You will sweat, learn self-defense moves and have fun! 


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